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What is Male Pattern Hair Loss?

Also known by the term androgenic alopecia, male pattern hair loss is one of the major causes of hair loss in men. With age, more than half the total population of men suffer from this problem.

What are the causes?

  • There can be several reasons for abnormal hair loss which includes reactions to several medications or even certain diseases. But if someone is suffering from male pattern hair loss then the underlying cause is usually thought to be hereditary.


  • Those who suffer from this problem must have had someone in their family who suffered from it too. This is how they inherit a genetic sensitivity in their hair follicles to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).


  • When your hair follicles are sensitive to DHT, their lifespan will become shortened and they will start shedding.

If you are not sure what DHT is, you should know that it is a by-product of testosterone. When the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase acts on testosterone, it is converted to DHT.

What are the symptoms?

Some of the signs and symptoms which will show you that you are suffering from male pattern hair loss are as follows –

  • When your hair loss starts at the temples or sometimes at the crown of your head and increases gradually.


  • When the increase in hair loss from the initial stage occurs in a horseshoe pattern.


  • Receding hairlines that have the shape of the letter ‘M’.

How can you address male pattern hair loss?

Some of the ways in which you can address male pattern hair loss are as follows –

  • If you get the right hairstyle or haircut for yourself, then you can hide your baldness to a great extent. A proper cut can give you a fuller experience.


  • If you are suffering from a receding hairline or thinning hair, then getting a wig would be an excellent choice. You will get them in a wide variety of textures and colors and then choose accordingly. If you want to mimic your previous natural hair then too you can get an appropriate wig. If you are not sure which wig to buy for yourself, then visit a professional stylist to help you out.


  • You can also take medications that can suppress hair loss or slow the process. These medications act directly on the production of the DTH so that it is produced in lesser amounts.


  • Get hair transplantation done from a reputed clinic like that of Dr. Pekiner’s so that you can get your natural hair back.

Male pattern hair loss is quite common and you need not worry about it.