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What is Donor Management?

Donor management is highly essential to handle the hair transplantation in a proper way so that the patient does not have to face any abnormal effect. When hair loss in genetic, it occurs in cycles of hair loss and regeneration. The intensity of this cycle will also vary from year to year. If the patient has been suffering from hair loss from a very young age, they need to know it for a fact that their loss is going to get intensified as they age. So, hair transplant at a young age is not advisable.

Why is donor management important?

  • If you, as a younger person facing hair loss, go to an experienced surgeon for your hair transplantation process, then he/she will always advise you to wait and see how much hair fall you finally face. But if you go to some surgeon or clinic that are fixated only in getting your money, they will advise you in getting the hair transplant no matter what your age is. But this is not right. Because as the age increases, there will be increase in balding. Ultimately, your hair transplant expectation will never meet the reality.


  • Professional donor management will thus not only give you good results after you have undergone a hair transplant but they will also ensure that your donor area stays in a good condition for future transplants.

Is repair always possible in case of unexpected outcomes?

If your hair transplant has not yielded the results that you wanted, you will probably want to go for a repair or follow-up. But that doesn’t mean you will get it. Sometimes, the donor area has already been over-used because of which surgeons will no longer be able to take hair from there to transplant. The needs of the patients are often exploited in this industry and so, you should never allow the usage of excessive hair from your donor area and neither should you engage in all of this at a younger age.

So, before you get a hair transplant, always double check the quality of the clinic you are visiting and also the experience of the surgeon who is going to treat you. Unlimited donor supply does not exist and you should know that too because any promises in that line are fake. Donor management will prepare the donor for the surgery. You should be aware of all the dubious companies as well who will do anything for money.