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On Which Areas of Your Head Hair Transplantation Cannot be Done?

Hair transplantation helps people to deal with their balding problems. But are all areas suitable for hair transplantation? The answer is no. This article will give you in-depth knowledge on which areas of your head can undergo the procedure and which cannot.

When is hair transplantation not an option?

  • Hair transplantation does not conjure new hair out of nothing. It is simply the process that will transfer the hair on your scalp from one point to the other. So, if your donor site does not have enough amount of hair, transplantation might be problematic. If you have major balding, then you will need a large number of grafts as well. But if the hair on your donor area is thin, so many grafts could not be made otherwise your donor area will start appearing thinner.


  • If you are facing balding but there are no significant bald areas, then too hair transplantation is not a viable option for you. This is because when the new grafts are implanted, it might affect the other neighboring hair follicles on your scalp. This will ultimately damage the healthy hair follicles that you have causing no gain to you.


  • If you have a diffuse hair thinning, then too you should opt for hair transplantation.


  • Some people suffer from alopecia areata. This is totally genetic and loss of hair can happen at any position on your scalp at any moment of time. So, you cannot possibly decide which areas you should transplant your grafts. This would make the entire process pointless.


  • If you are still under the age of 25, then hair transplantation is not an option for you because you may still lose hair in the future. If you undergo hair transplantation at this age, you never know which area will require transplantation again in future.

Every person has some potential areas of hair loss on their scalp. It is the crown area for most people. These areas should be maintained with proper preventive measures otherwise you will face balding even quicker. Moreover, taking precautions at the right age will reduce the need for a greater number of grafts. The donor area for grafts is the back and sides of your scalp. You need to get a consultation from an expert whether these donor areas are in good health for you to get the grafts necessary for covering your balding area. When you go to a reputed surgeon, they will advise you on the post-operative measures as well so that you do not face any complications.