Live Consultation
[ 5 April 2019 by pekiner ]


Dr. Kaan Pekiner will be in Germany on May 4th for consultation. All the patients who are suffering from hair loss are invited!   Information Email: Phone: +4917673552112...

[ 10 June 2019 by pekiner ]

Can Hair Be Taken From Beard or Chest Areas?

Hair transplantation usually involves taking the hair from the back or side regions of your scalp and then implanting it on the recipient area. But in some cases, body hair is also used. This is mostly done for those patients who do not have sufficient donor hair. In such...

[ 17 June 2019 by pekiner ]

Can I Achieve a Head Full of Hair?

When someone takes the decision of going for a hair transplant, it is quite natural to have several questions in mind. But one of the most common questions that people come up with is whether or not they will get full coverage. Who doesn’t want to run their fingers through...

[ 18 June 2019 by pekiner ]

Can Women Have Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation can help almost all men with their hair loss problems but that doesn’t mean that they are equally effective for women. Women might not even have the type of hair loss that would make them good candidates for hair transplantation. Why hair transplantation...