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Is it Possible to Get Hair Transplantation on Beard?

Technically, hair transplantation on beard is possible and it is called beard transplant. No one wants a patchy beard. If you are suffering from the same problem then you can definitely get a beard transplant but here are some things that you should know and keep in mind before you opt for it.

  • The procedure is costly

If you want a full-grown beard, the procedure can be really costly around 3 euros per graft. Moreover, it will also depend on how many grafts you require. So, if you are willing to invest in this, you should definitely get it done.


  • You can get exactly the type of beard you want

Men have different types of beard. So, if there is a special type of style that you have in mind, you can simply bring the photograph to your doctor to demonstrate the type of beard you actually want.


  • You will lose hair on your scalp

This is something that you will have to sacrifice. The bead transplant is done by taking hair follicles from your scalp which act as the donor. The area at the back of your scalp is precisely the donor area because the hair present there will resemble those that are present on the chin.


  • The transplanted hair will fall

After transplantation, you might notice that your transplanted hair is falling. You need not worry because they will grow out again real soon.


  • You might have to take a day-off

One round of the procedure usually takes a total of 5-6 hours and two such round are usually required so you might need to take a leave.


  • Beard transplant works

If you are conspicuous about whether the transplant will work or not then you should know that it definitely is successful. If the number of grafts is selected carefully, you can have a full grown beard after the transplantation.


  • The transplant will boost your confidence

Not having a proper beard demoralized several men. If you are one of them then you should definitely get it done and see for yourself what a great change it can bring to your personality. You will feel confident about yourself and also feel handsome.


  • You cannot be a beard donor

If you are thinking whether you can be a beard donor for someone else, then the answer is no you cannot for the simple reasons that your hair might not match with someone else’s.

So, once you have read and understood all the points mentioned above, you can surely proceed with your beard transplant procedure.