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Is Hair Transplant Painful?

Are you thinking about opting out of hair transplantation with the notion that it is painful? Well, you should do considerable research before doing that and this article will help you. People definitely have the tendency to associate the feelings of fear and discomfort with surgery easily. They also fear that they might have to face a lengthy recovery time. But a hair transplant does not include any of it. You will also be released home the following day.

What are the stages of hair transplantation?

  • Consultation Your medical history along with the degree of baldness that you have will be taken into account by your doctor before proceeding with the hair transplant procedure.


  • Local Anesthesia A local anesthetic will be administered to the area to be operated in order to reduce the pain during the operation. You will be given a comfortable headrest and you will have to lie down on your front during the entire length of the operation.


  • Hair Graft Extraction – In the FUE procedure, the hair grafts are selected individually from the donor area of the patient. The healthy hair follicles will be selected and separated and punch method is used for the incision. When the follicular units have loosened their grip, they are plucked out in an intact state. An antiseptic dressing will be applied to the donor area once the process of extraction is completed.


  • Post-Operative Stage – Your hair specialist will give you clear guidance on how you should take care of yourself after the surgery which is a very crucial time for proper recovery. You must follow everything that your specialist says in order to achieve the desired results.

Pain Relief After Surgery

There might be some discomfort after a surgery but one of the advantages of choosing the right clinic is that you will get proper guidance on how to get relief from that pain. You might be given some tablets that will reduce the pain and stiff feeling in your scalp. You will also be given medications and ointments that will keep the infection away. There might be some redness on the scalp as well but you need not worry as it will go away on its own after a few days. Your doctor might also give you some ointment or gel that will prevent crusting.

Overall, the procedure of hair transplantation might include a bit of discomfort but choosing the right clinic can help you deal with it. The surgeon will ensure a seamless operation by implementing proper measures.