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In which types of hair loss hair transplantation is effective?

In which types of hair loss hair transplantation is effective?

Are you feeling ashamed of your outlook because of bald patches? Then a solution is right here and that is hair transplantation. It is minimally invasive and Turkey is a very advanced country when it comes to hair transplantation. So, do not fear a receding hairline because hair transplantation can give you back your lost hair. But not everyone is suitable for this treatment. This article will give you an idea on when hair transplantation is most effective.

The procedure works better with certain hair colors

If the color of your hair and that of your scalp is less contrasting then the results will be much better. For example, if you have blonde hair color and a complexion towards the fairer side, then the results will be much more pleasing in your case. This is because when you have newer hairs on your scalp, people will notice if you have any areas where there is high contrast. But if there is low contrast, your hair will still look even if you do not get full coverage of your bald patch.

The thickness shape of your hair determines a lot of things

When your hair has started thinning, light will be able to penetrate your hair canopy and show your bald patches more evidently. But if you have thicker hair, it will be able to block the light. When light is not allowed to enter, it will not highlight your bald area. Similarly, the shape of your hair determines the coverage it can give. When you have curly hair, it would mean that that you will get greater coverage. So, even if you cannot get the number of grafts you need, a lesser number of grafts will also give sufficient coverage to your bald patches.

The flexibility of the scalp is also important

When your scalp is loose, the insertion procedure of the follicles at the time of transplantation becomes much easier.

You should not have alopecia

If you have alopecia areata, you will be immediately eliminated from being a viable candidate for hair transplant.

You must remember that if you have a significant amount of balding, a single session would not be enough to produce the desired results. So, you must be ready to invest quite an amount of money for multiple sessions. Moreover, you need to visit a reputed surgeon for the best results. Do some research beforehand in order to avoid falling for scammers.