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How Will the Transplanted Area Look Like After Surgery?

How Will the Transplanted Area Look Like After Surgery?

Deciding to go for hair transplant surgery is definitely a big step and more and more individuals are now opting for it because of good results. Being a painless procedure, you need not worry about it too much. Hair transplantation is classified as a low-risk procedure which is minimally invasive. But what will the area look like after the surgery? This article will give you an idea about the various stages after the surgery.

Immediately after the surgery

  • Once the hair transplant has been done, you will get to see your new hairline immediately. But the visual effect might not be what you expected. Each hair follicle will be surrounded by small scabbing.


  • The donor site will have some minimal swelling here and there. This swelling is not permanent and after a few days, they will subside. If you have undergone FUT instead of FUE, then you might experience a bit of numbness in your donor area as well.


  • The graft implantation site usually has a bit of soreness. The swellings that are present near your forehead will go away within a few days.

Short to medium terms effects after surgery

  • You might find after a couple of weeks, that the newly transplanted hairs have started falling off. But this is nothing abnormal. Moreover, falling doesn’t mean that the hairs haven’t taken root. Falling is just a part of their cycle.


  • The average growth of hair per month is around 1cm. So, you will need a lot of patience to finally see some substantial growth in your hair. For your hairline to resemble what you expected, it might take a few more weeks.


  • After about 5 months, you will get an idea about the final look that you will be getting. But if you want your full hair transplant to be completely understandable, it might require as much as 18 months as well.

Long term effects after surgery

  • After a year or two, you can treat your transplanted hair exactly like your original hair. There will be no difference.


  • No one will be able to tell that you had undergone an FUE procedure.


  • There will be no need to restrict any type of hairstyle or hair products that you had to do before in order to take care of your transplanted hair.

Hair transplantation is all about patience. You cannot expect to come out of the operation with a head full of hair. If you keep your expectations realistic, this treatment is definitely going to change your life.