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How to Determine How Many Hair Follicles Will be Planted?

How to Determine How Many Hair Follicles Will be Planted?

Every patient does not need to have the same number of grafts planted on their scalp during hair transplantation. The graft numbers vary from one person to the other. But how will you know what is the number of grafts that you require? It is quite simple. The number of grafts is determined with the help of the Norwood Classification. This classification gives a guideline to every surgeon on how to classify your patients according to the level of baldness they have.

How is the number of grafts related to Norwood Classification?

  • Every stage in the Norwood Classification does not call for a hair transplant. This procedure is required only when quite a visible loss of hair is seen which starts from approximately Stage IIa.


  • The number of grafts that are required in Stage III is 1000-1600. After that, with the increase in stage, there is an increase of 200 grafts

What should be kept in mind while determining the number of grafts?

Every person has a different set of requirements when it comes to hair transplantation.

  • The first session is truly about hiding all the obvious bald patches on your scalp. It is a standalone procedure.


  • The second session’s purpose is solely to increase the coverage in case the first session alone is not enough to cover your bald spots.


  • The coverage of the crown region of your scalp is obviously the first priority. But the emphasis is also laid on how much donor hair you have got on the back and side regions of your scalp. Transplantation is purely shifting your hair from one region to another and the hair on the donor region should never be compromised. A proper calculation should be done as to how many grafts can be prepared from the donor region without thinning it too much.


  • If you have a large patch of balding and comparatively lower amount of hair on your donor area, full coverage should not be attempted.

One of the main purposes of hair transplantation is to increase the frontal hairline. So, emphasis should be laid on that. The number of grafts is decided very thoughtfully so that your scalp gets just the right amount of coverage and at the same time you still have enough hair in your donor area. This will ensure that you can have additional sessions if you want in the future. But you must not go for several sessions if the results can be achieved in a single session.