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How Much Does Hair Transplantation Cost in Turkey?

How Much Does Hair Transplantation Cost in Turkey?

Turkey has become a global leader when it comes to hair transplantation because it provides quite high-quality services. When compared to other countries of the world, for example, the UK, the cost of hair transplant in Turkey is still considerably cheaper. The cost will, however, depend on several factors.

Factors which determine the cost of hair transplantation

  • The number of grafts –The cost is sometimes given in the form of cost per graft. Hair transplantation is a cumbersome process and if a person is almost bald and thus requires a greater number of grafts, his/her package will automatically cost more. But some clinics might provide you a cost saying that they will give you unlimited grafts in that price. You should not fall for this trap because there is only a certain number of grafts that can be done and this will depend upon the hair in the donor area.


  • Quality of medical team – The medical team who will perform your surgery will definitely influence the package cost. If your transplantation is being done by the best surgeons and senior nurses, then you will have to pay more as you are getting the best service.


  • Accommodation – If you are undergoing surgery in a fully operational hospital room, then your surgery cost will be more. But in some cases, the clinics perform the surgery in flats that are converted to a surgery room. In that case, the price will be low. If you are coming from abroad or some other city, the clinic might book you in a hotel and this price will be included in the package.


  • Medication – The medications that are used in a particular surgery also determine the cost.


  • Aftercare – The doctors will prescribe some special shampoos and lotions for aftercare. The costs of all these will be included in the package price as well.

So, there is no simple answer to the question that how much will the cost be. It can be as low as £1,500 or it can also be £3000-4000. But before you proceed with the treatment, you must check and do some background research on the reputation of the clinic and see whether they are reliable or not. Because of their affordability, Turkey has bagged quite a famous spot in the world of hair transplantation and people from all countries come here to get the process done. So, choose your clinic wisely and enjoy a good hair transplant result.