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How Many Hair Grafts Can Be Planted in One Operation?

Hair transplantation in Turkey is quite advanced and people from abroad also come to Turkey for their transplant procedure. There are several techniques in which the transplant can be done successfully. One of the most common reasons for hair loss in male pattern balding and hair transplantation is the perfect solution to this problem. But are you wondering how many grafts can be made in one operation? Then read on to find out.

On what does the number of grafts depend?

The grafts include 1-5 follicles of hair. The grafts will then be implanted on the recipient site where the bald spots will be covered. So, the number of grafts required for operation directly depends on the area of a bald spot. The larger the area of the recipient site is, the more the number of grafts required. But that person might not have enough hair on the donor’s site as well. So, the number of donor hair follicles present on the scalp of the person will also determine the grafts that can be done. But in an average, one session usually involves 2500 grafts being transferred from one area to the other.

What are the things that you should consider before the surgery?

  • You should have realistic expectations. If you do not have enough donor hair follicles, you should not expect your hair to become automatically bushy. Moreover, hair transplant does not grow new hair. It only transfers the hair follicles to ensure even distribution.


  • If you are hair is thick and grey, then you have better chances of getting good results of hair transplantation than those who have thin and black hair.


  • For your hair to develop a root and start filling in, it will take a lot of time after the transplant procedure. You need to have patience because it might even take 9 months.


  • If you are a smoker, then you can experience more complications after surgery. So, you should consider quitting smoking before you go for the surgery.


  • You might need several sessions of follow-ups after the surgery.

When you go for a consultation, let the hair transplant surgeon know about your entire medical history, so that he/she can tell you whether you are suitable for the surgery or not. A physical health examination will also be required. But if you want your experience to be good, it is essential for you to choose the right surgeon.