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How Long Does the Procedure of Hair Transplantation Take?

Are you in dismay watching your hair going thinner with each day? You might be thinking that there is no solution to it but there is and the procedure is called hair transplantation. So, it is time for you to stop wondering and start taking some action to get your hair back. Once you have taken the decision to go for a hair transplant, you might be wondering how long it will take. If you visit a reputed clinic, the doctor will give you a brief of all the procedures associated with the entire procedure and the amount of time they will require. But if you want to know it now, this article will give you an overall idea.

The time taken for the transplant will definitely depend on a few factors which are given below –

Number of grafts being planted

During the surgery, the grafts are first extracted from the donor region. This region is located at the back of your head and on the sides. The more the number of grafts, the greater the time required. Each of those grafts consist of about 1-6 strands of hair. Clinics which are not ethical might use both grafts and hair interchangeably but that is not a right procedure.

Procedure that is being implemented

Apart from the number of grafts, the procedure that your surgeon is following to complete the transplantation plays a big role in determining the time that will be required for the procedure. There are two main types of hair transplant surgeries in the market and both of them are described here –

  • FUE – This is the Follicular Unit Extraction procedure abbreviated as FUE and as the name suggests, each graft is individually extracted. This makes the process quite cumbersome. The time required will depend on how experienced the team is and thus how fast they can extract your hair that too with precision and care. It can take 8-10 hours depending upon the number of grafts to be extracted.


  • FUT – This is the Follicular Unit Transplant and is abbreviated as FUT. It is also known as Strip Hair Transplant. A strip of hair is taken in this process instead of single hair follicles. This causes greater scars but makes the procedure faster. This procedure takes about 4-6 hours.

Once your surgery is completed, you will have to take care of your scalp as advised by your doctor and also come for follow-ups.