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How Can I Choose the Right Doctor for Hair Transplantation?

With so many doctors claiming to be the best, choosing the right doctor can be quite a tedious and overwhelming task when it comes to hair transplantation. The first step would be not to become too price-driven and concentrate on other factors as well. For your help, here is a list of few points that you should definitely check while choosing your hair transplantation doctor.

  • Proper Credentials

Before you decide to book a consultation with your doctor, check up on his/her credentials online. Hair transplant involves several complex procedures and should only be performed by someone who has received proper training in this. If you want to have a pleasant experience, then checking the credentials is absolutely necessary.


  • Doctor’s Experience

Having proper training only is not enough. The doctor must have had treated several patients in the past and gained some experience in this field. An experienced doctor will be able to handle any complications or problems if any. You should judge how experienced the doctor is on his/her age but on how many patients they have treated.


  • Reviews From Previous Patients

Once you have found out the above two things, you need to check for some reliable reviews from those who have already received treatment from the doctor. The clinic or hospital may not be willing to give you their patient’s credentials for confidentiality purposes but you can always check their website for testimonials or you can request to meet just one single patient at the hospital itself.


  • Before-After Photos

If you are not able to get in touch with any of the previous patients, you should definitely ask your doctor to show you a set of before and after images of his/her previous patients. See whether the photos are clearly showing the hairline. You can also ask the doctor to show you images of the scars that are left after the treatment.


  • Behavior of the Staff

The clinic or hospital that you are visiting will have other staff members as well. See whether they are friendly or not. The approachability of the staff definitely plays a big role not only during your treatment but also when you come for follow up.


After checking all of the above factors, get one appointment and see whether you are comfortable with the doctor. If you are confident about all the things mentioned above, then only should you proceed with the treatment.