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Some patients may apply for hair transplantation in very early stages of hair loss. In such cases, hair loss treatment is recommended to be continued with drugs and waiting until the hair transplantation treatment becomes appropriate. Very early application of hair transplantation can reduce the success of the procedure. In the applications done before the hair loss process is stabilized, the desired fullness can not be provided in the future processes.

The hair transplantation surgery is performed under local anesthesia. During anesthesia part may be a little pain can be expected. However during the operation part, patients do not feel the pain.

After the operation a crusted and pinkish look can be formed in the recipient area. This look will mostly disappear in 7-10 days after the surgery. The transplanted area may be looked a bit reddish that fully remove in 2-4 weeks.

It is a known fact that smoking can cause hair fall due to decreasing the blood flow. It is also the reason of not being suggested for the success of hair transplantation surgery. Because low blood flow causes delaying the healing process.

It is a key determinant that which factors are causing hair loss. If there is hormonal causes under the hair loss hair transplantation is not the appropriate treatment for women. It is also important hairs on donor area programmed to fall or not. To summarize, hair transplantation surgery gives very successful results in men. For women it depends the types and the causes of the hair fall.

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