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Can Women Have Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation can help almost all men with their hair loss problems but that doesn’t mean that they are equally effective for women. Women might not even have the type of hair loss that would make them good candidates for hair transplantation.

Why hair transplantation is not common among women?

  • Unlike men, the most common type of hair loss reported in women is that of diffuse hair loss. This means that they experience an overall thinning on their scalp. This overall area means that they experience hair fall even at the back of their heads and their sides as well. These two areas serve as donor sites in men.


  • The donor sites of men are highly stable from the point of view that DHT or dihydrotestosterone is not able to affect the hair follicles in those areas. But the hair follicles in all other regions of the head are affected and undergo shrinkage. But in case of women, there is no such stable region. All the regions are unstable and that is why there is an overall thinning of hair. Thus, you cannot use the hair from the side and back regions as the donor because they are going to fall off eventually.


  • Women who face hair loss have their hairline intact, unlike men who have a receding hairline. Thus, women mostly want an increase in their volume of hair which is not possible with a hair transplant. Hair transplant, as the term suggests, is only for the transfer of hair from region to the other.

When can women undergo hair transplantation?

There are some cases in which women can opt for hair transplantation and they are discussed below –

  • If the woman has non-hormonal or traction alopecia and has suffered from hair loss due to it.
  • Women who have a similar patterned baldness as seen in men with symptoms like a receding hairline and thinning of hair on the crown.
  • Women who are facing hair loss due to the incisions made in a previous cosmetic surgery.
  • Women who are having abnormal hair loss as a result of some trauma.
  • Women who have been diagnosed with alopecia marginalis.

Due to the several reasons that have been discussed in this article, women are, in general, considered as poor candidates of hair transplant. The procedure is not exactly impossible because it can be done if your hair loss is due to any of the reasons mentioned above.