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Can I Achieve a Head Full of Hair?

When someone takes the decision of going for a hair transplant, it is quite natural to have several questions in mind. But one of the most common questions that people come up with is whether or not they will get full coverage. Who doesn’t want to run their fingers through their head full of hair? But is it possible once you had gone bald? Read on to find out.

Hair transplantation does not generate hair but transfers it

The main thing to understand here is that what hair transplantation truly means. It is associated with the re-distribution of hair and not new hair growth. No experienced dermatologist can conjure hair for you. The hair that is transplanted onto the recipient area is your hair only and is taken from the donor area of your scalp. The donor area is usually selected as the back of the scalp due to various reasons and it is the region which has the thickest quality of air.

Is there a limit to the amount of hair that can be harvested?

If you want to know how much coverage you can get, the answer lies in the fact that donor hair is taken only from the back and sides of your head. Do you know why? It is because these areas are not affected by the hormone DHT. DHT is the main reason why male pattern baldness happens in the first place as this hormone affects the hair follicles and stunts their growth. Since these areas are resistant, thus donor hair can be taken only from those regions. But, there is only so much hair that a single person has in a confined region and not more. Moreover, the extraction should be done in a way that no damage is done to the hair that already exists in the donor area. So, the coverage that you will get largely depends on the number of hair follicles present in the donor area.

One follicular unit is made up of 1-5 strands of hair. This acts as the graft and a normal person requires 90-20 such grafts per square centimeter. Thus, one third of the hair that is present in the donor area will be taken. So, if you have too much baldness then you might not be able to get full coverage but if you have partial baldness then depending on the amount of hair in the donor region, full coverage can be attained.