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Can Hair Be Taken From Beard or Chest Areas?

Hair transplantation usually involves taking the hair from the back or side regions of your scalp and then implanting it on the recipient area. But in some cases, body hair is also used. This is mostly done for those patients who do not have sufficient donor hair. In such cases hair from beard or chest region is used to transplant on the scalp. The working mechanism of this type of transplantation is that the body hair is not affected by the hormone DHT and is thus fit for use as grafts.

But when the hair is taken from some other part of your body, it will never be like your scalp hair. There will be some changes in the color and texture of the hair follicle. But in some cases, using body hair is quite advantageous as in –

  • When Grade VII patients have very little donor area and need to cover a large bald patch.
  • In case of burns
  • The number of grafts that can be made from the scalp is limited and so covering a large area in one sitting becomes difficult when donors are taken only from the scalp

Who should undergo body hair transplant (BHT)?

  • If you are someone who has already undergone several hair transplants by using hair follicles from the donor regions, then you can go for body hair transplant.
  • You can go for body hair transplant if you do not have enough hair follicles in the donor region of your scalp to give you full coverage.
  • If you are suffering from some kind of alopecia of the scalp, then too, body hair transplant can be a good option.

What is the difference between conventional FUE and BHT-FUE?

The procedure of grafting in both conventional FUE and BHT-FUE is same. The difference is that the texture of the hair will not be the same. If the follicular units present in other parts of the body are able to meet the requirements transplantation, then there is no harm in using them as grafts. But one thing is definitely different, that is, in conventional FUE, 1-5 hair follicles make a graft but in BHT-FUE only one follicle is used per graft.

But since this is different from conventional procedures, you should only go to someone who is experienced and has done prior body hair transplants. The efficiency of the team will ensure the correct extraction of grafts which, in turn, will give you better hair transplantation results.